Miniature Trojan Horse

Back in 2010 I made a castle that re-purposed our dining table. As part of this castle I created a miniature Trojan horse inspired by a coffee table ornament at my grandparents house.  The miniature Trojan horse still gets a lot of use around the house, either as a remote control holder or plaything for Alisz to see how many minifigs she can stuff inside (her record is at least 11).

The back, top and mane of the horse open up to reveal minifigs ready to unleash on their unsuspecting victims.  The legs are made from eight 4 x 5 x 1 arches atop a 2 x 4 plate with pin to hold on the 8-spoke wheels.  The neck and underside of the head consist of inverted 45 degree slopes, and the face is made up of 45 degree slopes.  The mane is a hinged roof with a little extension (a 1 x 4 plate) to ensure the minifig inside cannot be seen.  Finally, the tail is a 1 x 6 brick held on by a 1 x 2 brick with pin.

Instructions on how you can build your own miniature Trojan horse are available from the store.